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Gestion de la Energia Activa | Legrand Colombia

Metering and control of consumption for optimal Energy Management

Metering is the basis of any diagnosis. Simple control of a building's consumption can save between 8 and 12%. Temperature management and lighting are among the most energy-intensive elements. Legrand has a comprehensive solution for energy consumption measurement, installation control and building energy management.

active energy management

Energy Management

Legrand offers various solutions for MEASURING and SUPERVISING electrical systems that can adapt to all needs and offer total control and manageability. The versatility of Legrand solutions ensures they will interface with other ENERGY MANAGEMENT systems.

The EMS CX3 energy management system enables precise management and use of energy within a building. It provides full control of all activities to improve device operation and ensure continuity of service.

Measure of the energy

Measure of the energy

Solution for measuring and displaying the energy consumption and electrical values of one or more circuits of equipment or building area:

  • This energy integrated control consists of several modules for measure, control and report of measuring or power apparatus, locally or remotely.
  • The ideal solution for mastering all electrical installations.

Measure or audit is imposed by new standards and directive. The use of measurement in tertiary buildings is more and more present

Energy Management System

Energy Management System

This complete and polyvalent energy management system is made up of various modules to measure and control modular equipment, such as power equipment and give their status, both locally and remotely. The ideal solution to master the whole electrical system.

Display, manage and work

  • Display data from energy efficiency equipment (EMDX3 and EMS CX3)
  • Manage detailed reports of consumptions (pdf documents)
Building Energy Management Systems

Building Energy Management Systems

For optimum supervision with complete simplicity, Legrand offers “Legran supervision software” (LSS) wich allows you to view and control the whole of a building very easily: the management of Legrad solutions is pre-configured; screens are generated automatically.

To meet any need of personalization (screens, variables, equipment, etc.) the Legrand supervision software can be customized in order to create a tailor-made solution. Open to KNX, Modbus, DALI and also Bacnet protocols, it requires an integrator for its set-up.


Energy Management System EMS CX³

Discover Legrand's energy management solution catalog


Load Shedding

Load Shedding

Permanently interrogates the total consumption used and automatically relays non-priority circuits (e.g. convectors) if the energy provider’s contract is exceeded.

Allow by spreading consumption to subscribe a lower contract with the energy provider.

By configuring the actuators of the load control system in automation mode, it is possible to use display interfaces to set the time delays for the activation of the loads at set times.

Lighting Management

Lighting Management

Lighting control means providing the correct amount of light, at the right time, when really needed

  • The Legrand offer comprises a complete range of solutions.
  • From a simple, ready to use, Stand Alone detectors to the most complete and performing Building Control systems
  • From Switching, dimming day light harvesting to scene settings
  • You will find here the best solutions to offer up to 50% savings according to EN 15193 and meet lighting and energy savings regulations and certifications standards.
EV Charging Station

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

A complete new offer to follow the Electric Vehicle growth and meet the needs in residential and commercial applications for EVs charging.
Scalable to a full connected offer from Legrand.

Compatible with all electric vehicles: full electric and plug-in Hybrids (Renault, Nissan, BMW, VW, etc., mode 2 and mode 3.


Electric Vehicle charging stations

Floor standing or wall mounting, shock-resistant, the Green’up Premium IK 10 charging station is ideal for vehicle fleets. A car

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Energy Efficiency Legrand

All companies must work to achieve energy efficiency. Regardless of the stage of efficiency maturity we are in, we can go through the steps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and work on saving consumption and responsible use. 

4 steps to energy efficiency: Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy, Energy Management, Control and Distribution, Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity, Achieving energy efficiency in installations. 

Legrand has solutions for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and data center spaces. Get started now and contact one of our specialized consultants.